The Dying Swan and Others, 2010, DVD and leporello. 100 DKK / 13 Euro

The DVD and leporello The Dying Swan and Others is a collection of some of Danish artist Peter Callesen's performances and monoprints featuring the character The Dying Swan.
It has been published in collaboration with Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, where Callesen's latest solo exhibition Skin of Paper was on show in spring 2010.

The publication includes a DVD with 7 different performances, a leporello with monoprints of The Dying Swan and the text To Die Or To Fly written by Director of Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Elisabeth Delin Hansen, in both Danish and English.The performances on the DVD are The Dying Swan, The Dying Swan is Back, Folding, Castle, Step, The Dying Swan is Dying and The Flying Swan.

Peter Callesen about The Dying Swan:
A continual figure in my earlier performances and later drawings is The Dying Swan, who can be described as a hybrid between The Ugly Duckling. The Dying Swan reveals different layers of identities, and often he strives for being somebody or somewhere else or tries to achieve the impossible - but is always confronted with reality and failure. He is not only a symbolic character. In his interaction and power-play with the audience his physical presence often creates an intense and uncomfortable atmosphere. In the drawings The Dying Swan creates his own universe, where he seems to be trapped in impossible situations and circles, dealing with death, rebirth and self-creation - and deconstruction.

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