Out of Nothing / Ud af Intet, 2009, 121 p, hardback. 248 DKK / 33 Euro
Out of Nothing / Ud af Intet, 2009, Detail
Out of Nothing / Ud af Intet, 2009, Detail

The book Ud af Intet / Out of Nothing about the danish comtemporary artist Peter Callesen has been published in relation to a touring solo exhibition showing Peter Callesen’s paper work in 4 different Scnadinavian art museums: The Museum of Relgious Art (Lemvig, Denmark), Trapholt Art Museum (Kolding, Denmark), Mjelby Art Museum (Halmstad, Sweden) and Haugar Vestfold Art Museum (Tønsberg, Norway)

The book includes 80 color photographs of Peter Callesen’s most important paper works and installations. The book takes us all the way from Peter Callesen’s early performances to his most recent paper works. With his subtle paper cuts that often deal with the large subjects in life, Peter Callesen’s works generate both smiles and reflection. The book includes articles written by Museum Director Gerd Rathje, Museum Manager Anni Nørskov and an interview with the artist himself. The book is a hardcover and the text is in english as well as in danish.

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