Under My Skin

Under My Skin, 2012

A 45 min performance performed on the 21st of October 2012 as part of the biennale Socle du Monde 2012, Involver at HEART, Herning Art Museum, Denmark. Shirt and trousers made from 34 gsm Zairei Japanese paper, white paper buttons, white thread, 2 pair of sissors, glue and permanent marker written on the wall.

I entered the room only wearing a shirt and a pair trousers made out of paper. I wrote the following instruction on the wall for the audience:

This is a performance. In a little while, two scissors will be handed out. With these two scissors I want you to cut out holes in my clothing. I want you to glue the pieces you cut out, around my head, as if you were making af print of my head in paper. I do not mind if I get glue on my skin, but try to glue the edges of the paper when you glue the pieces together. When my head is covered in paper, I want you to repeat the process on my hands and then finally on my feet. When you have cut out one piece pass the scissors to the next member in the audience.

When my head, my hands and feet was covered with paper the performance ended and I left the room. Afterwards the remains from the performance was displayed hanging from a hanger with the text on the wall remaining.

After the performance the remaining clothes was presented on hanging mannequins together with the final outfit. The sewing machines also remained as a part of the installation. The last part of the installation is a 7 minute video on an LCD screen displaying the performance.